Covid hospital numbers are decreasing in Mallorca. | Archive

On Saturday, the Balearic health ministry reported 645 new positive cases of coronavirus, 46 fewer than on Friday. Of the 645, 292 are in Mallorca, 290 in Ibiza, 53 in MInorca and ten in Formentera. The test rate is 10.23% based on 6,304 tests.

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

There are seventeen fewer Covid patients on wards in Mallorca - the figure is down to 298 - but there are four more in Ibiza (119). In Minorca the number remains 14. In intensive care in Mallorca there is a decrease of four to 104 Covid patients. There is no change in Ibiza (16), but there are two more patients in Minorca (up to five). On Friday, the number of patients on wards in Mallorca fell by nineteen and in ICU by four.

Fifty-four more patients have been discharged from hospital, and a further 535 people have recovered. The number of people being attended to in Mallorca by primary care continues to fall; it is now 6,491. In Ibiza the number is just over half this - 3,306.

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The deaths of five more people have been confirmed. The total since the start of the pandemic is 549.