Son Llàtzer Hospital, Palma, Mallorca

Hospital numbers had been coming down.

24-01-2021Pere Bota

The Sunday figures from the Balearic health ministry - 434 new positive cases from 4,582 tests with a positivity rate of 9.47%. The number of new cases is 211 lower than on Saturday, but so is the number of tests (by 1,722). Of the 434 cases, 189 are in Mallorca, 215 in Ibiza, 22 in Minorca and eight in Formentera.

The number of Covid patients on hospital wards in Mallorca has risen again. There were under 300 patients on Saturday, but there has been an increase of eleven to 309. In Ibiza the number is up to 126 from 119; in Minorca to 18 from 14. There is no increase in the number of Covid patients in intensive care in Mallorca (104). In Ibiza there are seventeen patients (one more) and in Minorca five (the same as Saturday).

Nine more patients have left hospital and a further 432 who were being monitored by primary care have recovered. Four more deaths have been confirmed - the total is 553.


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Fred. / Hace 12 months

I have been for a walk this morning. In the one hour I was outside. I passed 15 to 20 people with NO FACE MASKS.. Whilst there is this flagrant disregard for safety and Coronavirus infection. The number of infections will continue to increase. How can the people inn Mmallorca be made aware of the need to wear a Mask? They are irresponsible and any possible Fines mean nothing to these people.