Other insurance policies had to be taken out. | Archive

On Monday, a court handed out a 21-month sentence and a fine of 1,080 euros to a man who sold false insurance policies to Palma taxi drivers.

In November 2018, the accused contacted the representative of a taxi drivers' association in Palma. He said that he was an intermediary for an insurance company. In February 2019, a total of 3,500 euros were paid to insure six taxis. All the necessary documentation to make it appear that this was legitimate insurance were sent. But it came to be realised that the vehicles weren't insured. Other insurance policies had to be taken out.

The 21-month sentence is suspended for two years. He must not commit another crime during this period and has to pay the fine within seven days. In addition, he has been ordered to pay compensation of 3,500 euros.