Hospitality Sector closure. | Gemma Andreu


The two week closure imposed on restaurants, bars, gyms and shopping centres on January 13 to stem coronavirus infection has made a difference, according to the latest epidemiological data, but it’s also brought the Hospitality Sector to its knees.

Pimem President, Eugenia Cusí estimates that turnover plummeted 75-80% in 2020, compared to the previous year and she's certain that many businesses won’t survive the economic crisis and the subsequent Covid-19 restrictions.

Cusí also said the amount of aid being offered to those in crisis is totally insufficient and pointed out that businesses have made huge investments to adapt to current regulations, including installing CO02 meters and partitions and offering customers hydro-alcoholic gels.

CAEB President Alfonso Robledo stressed that bars and restaurants had a disastrous December because of the Covid restrictions imposed and said closing the Hospitality Sector in January was the last straw for many businesses. He also demanded that the Central Government do more to help the Balearic Hospitality Sector.

The President of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Sports Facilities, Naty Company, said gyms suffered excruciating losses of 40-60% in 2020, that a substantial amount of money was spent in order to protect members and insists there's been no evidence of contagion at gyms.

He also pointed out that closing premises and processing ERTE for the workers, communicating with partners, etc was a lot of work.

Aid is not enough,” said Company, who claims the Government is not taking the size of companies into account, pointing out that in Catalonia each facility is granted 100,000 euros, whereas in Mallorca, 3,000 euros is granted for a maximum of two facilities and those with more than two don’t get anything extra.

Balearic Cumulative Incidence Rate

Government Spokesperson Pilar Costa said this week that the closure of the Hospitality Sector was conditional on a reduction in infections, but there’s been no comment as to whether the measures will be extended after January 30.

The President of the Government Francina Armengol claims the restrictions are working and has again said “the goal is to save lives,” while insisting that she is aware of the damage caused by the closure of restaurants, gyms and shops.

According to the latest coronavirus data the situation is improving in Mallorca, but hospitals are still under extreme pressure with 110 coronavirus patients in the ICU.

The exact same coronavirus restrictions as Mallorca have been imposed in Ibiza, but infections continue to escalate. On Monday the White Island had a record accumulated incidence rate of 2,285.79 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, which it’s thought may be due to the so-called English strain of Covid-19, but that has not been confirmed.

Mallorca Cumulative Incidence Rate: