Mass screening has been carried out in sports halls; different sites are being looked at for mass vaccination. | Archive

The Balearic health service will have large open spaces in order to perform mass vaccination. Minister Patricia Gómez said on Thursday that the government is coordinating the establishment of two such spaces in Palma, one in Inca, one in Manacor, and one on each of the other islands.

The government, she noted, has stated on various occasions that the region is prepared for undertaking a mass vaccination programme, with up to 11,000 doses being administered per day. But this is dependent upon greatly increased supply, the government looking at 80,000 weekly doses to serve 58 vaccination points at these seven sites.

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Gómez spoke on Thursday with Spain's new health minister, Carolina Darias, who assured Gómez that the government is working on speeding up the vaccine delivery process