Chief Exectuve of the all-important Melia Hotel Group, Gabriel Escarrer

Chief Exectuve of the all-important Melia Hotel Group, Gabriel Escarrer.


The Chief Exectuve of the all-important Melia Hotel Group, Gabriel Escarrer, said that Spain would be unable to survive another holiday season without tourists.

In a tweet Escarrer said: "We must produce a route-map for the future which includes a 24/7 vaccination plan and a co-ordinated effort between the public administrations and private companies to ensure safe travel to the islands..."

Escarrer said that he feared for the future of the tourist industry in Spain. His company, which is based in Palma, is one of the leading hotel companies in the world.


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Steve, Son Maties / Hace 12 months

"a safe place to travel to", - for who ? Sounds like he's more concerned about earning money from visitors than the health of Spain's inhabitants. Well, what about us ? We should be isolated until we're all vacinated in Spain, anything less will put us in a far worse situation...


GrahamJ / Hace 12 months

Majorca may now appreciate that Tourists will now have to be won and maintained instead of taken them for granted. Armengol..... Majorca will have to take it’s place in the queue


Johnf / Hace 12 months

Now it's time to plan for 2022


Yana / Hace 12 months

Spain has the worlds highest competitiveness tourism rate. Spain number 2 most visited country in the world, tourism give a huge impact to Spanish economy. Tourism is a Spain’s one of the biggest power, that doesn’t have other country. And I do not understand why government is not supporting and care it enough. Work of the Hoteliers, tour operators, tour agencies are very important, because those work is giving a big impact of businesses of bars, restaurants, shops and souvenir shops etc. Government literally abandoned them instead of support first. Trying to help restaurants but tour operators lost 92% of those business!