Mallorca case numbers are down, but Ibiza is still a concern. | Josep Bagur Gomila

On January 26, the regional health ministry reported almost 11,000 active cases of coronavirus in the Balearics. The figure of 10,990 was the highest it had been. The number of patients on wards and in intensive care equated to 5.4% of this total - 595 in all. Primary care was meanwhile monitoring well over 10,000 people.

On Sunday, the total number of active cases was 9,602. The decrease in the space of a few days has been significant, the total number of people being cared for by the health service having previously been on an upward trend for several weeks. On Saturday alone, the ministry's report indicated that 962 people had recovered, 904 of whom were being monitored. By contrast there were 290 new positive cases. The Sunday figures were less dramatic - 366 recoveries and 319 new cases. Nevertheless, the pattern is encouraging, especially in Mallorca, where 4,931 people are being monitored by primary care. On January 26 there were 6,102, there having been decreases over the days prior to January 26.

In Ibiza, the situation is different. Primary care was monitoring 3,693 people on January 26 and there were 164 patients on wards and in ICU. The total number of active cases has come down, but not greatly - on Sunday it was 3,737.

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The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics, as of January 30, was 588 per 100,000. In Mallorca it was 325.66. In Ibiza it was 2,151.25, while in Formentera it was 1,098.18 and in Minorca 409.01. The 7-day incidence for the Balearics was 234 - Mallorca 129.91, Minorca 155.25, Formentera 404.59 and Ibiza 862.66.