Gym closures. | M. À. Cañellas

More than 200 gyms and dance schools in Mallorca have applied for financial help from the Consell de Mallorca since grants were made available on Sunday.

Gyms were ordered to close on January 13 when the new coronavirus restrictions were imposed and the measure has since been extended until Friday, February 14. The aid is funded by the Government and the Council to offset the effects of those restrictions.

The grants amount to 1,500 euros per month or 3,000 euros per Sports Centre for the months of January and February.

Prior to the closures, capacity at gyms was limited to 30% with a maximum of 6 people in group classes.

The Association of Sports Facilities of the Balearics, or AEIEB claims gyms should be considered an essential service because they help to improve the health of users, but for the time being they must stay closed and people are only allowed to exercise outside the facilities.

The new aid package for the Sectors affected by the latest restrictions is for January, February and March and the Consell estimates that around 500 gyms and dance schools will need financial help.


More than 3,500 bars and restaurants have applied for grants of 1,500 euros for January since they were made available last Wednesday and some applications are still being processed.