Intensive care numbers remain high, but other indicators are coming down. | Teresa Ayuga

The Tuesday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates that the number of deaths since the start of the pandemic has now topped 600. The ministry has confirmed seven more deaths, taking the total to 605.

There are 292 new positive cases, 103 in Mallorca, 154 in Ibiza, 29 in Minorca and six in Formentera. A test rate of 5.79% is based on 5,043 tests. The number of Covid patients in Mallorca, which increased by 15 according to Monday's report, is down again - by 12 to 252. There are five fewer patients in Minorca, down to 15, and there is no change in Ibiza (143).

Covid-19 graphic of new cases on the Balearic Islands

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The number of patients in intensive care in Mallorca has dropped by four to 105. In Ibiza it has risen by two to 26 and in Minorca by one to seven.

Thirty-seven more patients have been discharged from hospital and a further 530 people have recovered. Primary care is attending to 4,546 people in Mallorca (down 156 compared with Monday) and to 3,547 in Ibiza (down 47). In Minorca and Formentera, the numbers are 324 and 172 respectively.