Vaccinating the Balearics.

Vaccinating the Balearics.

03-02-2021REHAN KHAN

A radical proposal from a radical party. The leader of the ultra-conservative Vox Party, Jorge Campos, said this morning that if the Spanish government failed to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine then the Balearic government should go out and buy it on the open market.

Vox claims that the whole operation would be cheaper than the yearly cost of the government-run IB3 TV and radio station.

"The Pfizer vaccine costs 17 euros per unit; two million vaccines would cost 34 million euros which is what IB3 costs us every year. We are paying heavily for a TV station which just has four percent of the total viewing figures in the Balearics....."

Campos said that the vaccination programme should be taking place 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week.


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Gabriel / Hace 9 months

I'm not a radical or extremist, but this makes total sense...


Lynn / Hace 9 months

At last someone with sense!