High number of people in intensive care.

High number of people in intensive care.


The Balearic government said this morning that there would be no easing of restrictions despite the drop in the number of cases of Covid-19 especially in Mallorca. There are fears over the so-called "British strain" and the high number of cases in intensive care units.

The announcement will come as a blow for bar and restaurant owners who were hoping that they would be able to re-open sooner rather than later.

The Balearic government said that they were working with bars, restaurants and the large shopping centres so that they could re-open safely in the near future.

Balearic President Francina Armengol has come under fire for the strict measures which her government has introduced.


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James T / Hace 9 months

Stay strong D, we are moving towards a more normal existence. You are not alone.


Mark Badoer / Hace 9 months

D, I don´t know what you are up to, but I basically live my life 98% as normal. Except wearing a mask and not going out for dinner. For the rest......I have no idea why you should feel isolated, unless you are isolating yourself or you don´t have any friends. Anyway, I hope for your sake, that soon you can un-isolate.


D / Hace 9 months

I am a strong hardy person but the stress and isolation from this all is really affecting my mental health. I’m starting to realize I’m becoming depressed, this is really unhealthy to treat normal people like this. With no end in sight and constant promises promises, people are going to go crazy.


Chris Ogilvie-Taylor / Hace 9 months

It's right to plan a phased re-opening but wrong to delay this much longer. If people see that the government is slowly but surely trying to get the island back to a form of normality they will be more compliant and tolerant with on-going anti-virus measures over the longer term. But the current situation is killing retailers and the hospitality sector and some of what is being lost/closed/liquidated will never return. Baby steps.