An event against gender violence in Minorca.

There were almost 6,500 reports in 2019.

04-02-2021Manolo Barro

Since the law of comprehensive protection measures against gender violence was enacted fifteen years ago, there have been 8,480 convictions in the Balearics.

A report from the General Council of the Judiciary shows that since cases started to be recorded, 65,402 reports have been filed in the Balearics. The number per annum has increased progressively. There were 6,493 in 2019. It is expected that the figure for 2020 will be lower as there was a slowdown in the number of reports during the state of alarm confinement (lockdown).

The vast majority of convictions - 70.5% - follow agreements between the prosecution and defence. Just 25.7% of cases that come before courts result in acquittal. Only Extremadura has a higher conviction rate than the Balearics. Nationally, 53% of cases result in conviction.

In the Balearics there are fewer reports regarding Spanish women than women of other nationalities; no other region of Spain has this balance. Provisional data for 2020 indicate that 48.6% of cases related to Spanish women, the proportion having fallen from 60% in 2011. Nationwide, 65% of cases involve Spanish women.

Over the past fifteen years, 11,055 protection orders have been issued in the Balearics - 73.8% of those requested, a higher percentage than the national average of 67.3%.

The quarterly reports from the General Council of the Judiciary repeatedly show that the Balearics have the highest rate of reports for gender violence in the country.


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