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The hoteliers are increasingly pessimistic.

04-02-2021Aina Ginard

In an interview with Canal 4 on Thursday (highlighted by Preferente magazine), the president of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation, Maria Frontera, stated that "half of hoteliers already know that they will not be able to open this season".

Frontera observed that the hotel sector has in the past always been able to adapt to circumstances, but the pandemic has meant that there are hotels which have been closed since the end of 2019. She felt that economic reactivation is not going to come about in the short to medium term.

The hoteliers president was critical of the government's "social dialogue" tables, the meetings of government, business and union representatives. There is obviously a lot of tension, she observed, adding that some of these meetings "are not operational, they are more posturing". "I don't think they realise what they're facing."

"We are increasingly pessimistic. We are going forward totally blind. The ERTE extension is to end-May. We don't know what flights there will be between different countries. The public administration doesn't learn. They always go at a different pace. They will now have to take different measures. They cannot continue as they have been. They ask us to make efforts but this is not a requirement which is applied to the administration."

Frontera's remarks are the first time she has been openly critical of the government, but the hoteliers federation was one of a host of business groups which last week sent a letter to President Armengol that contained some harsh words. Her tone has changed, as has that of, for example, the president of the Pimem restaurants association. On Wednesday, Eugenia Cusí, expressed similar observations to those of Frontera regarding the social dialogue tables.

Among other things, the letter that was sent last week stated: "There is no doubt that there are two worlds - the political world and the rest of society; the politician who has not lost any perks over the last twelve months and the rest of the population who are immersed in absolute chaos."


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Lisa / Hace 9 months

The sad truth is that the Government can ‘posture’ as long as it likes, but without flights tourism cannot reactivate. An effective and speedy vaccination program is the only game plan. The income of the islands is so heavily reliant on tourism, the economy is totally dependent on effective, proactive action. So they need to put this in place. And quick. It says a lot about the times, that the food bank in Pollensa is running out of vital supplies. Pollensa - yes the lovely town featured in The Mallorca Files!! Desperate times, for sure. And let’s be realistic, national tourism or autumn bookings won’t rescue 2021. A plan please and no more posturing.