Minister for health.

Balearic minister for health.


The Balearic Minister for Health, Patricia Gómez, warned this afternoon that anyone who "jumps the queue" for the Covid-19 vaccine will be in serious trouble and "they will have to answer to me..."

She was speaking after it emerged that a number of top officials from the government had received the vaccine. Gomez said that these people met Covid vaccine protocols. But opposition parties disagree. The Partido Popular has asked the Anti-Corruption department to investigate the vaccination of high level public officials.

Gomez said that she would be making a statement to the Balearic parliament shortly over the issue. But even the junior members of the coalition government are not impressed, with the Majorcan Nationalist Party calling on the senior government figures to quit.

This issue continue to make headline news with government officials, local councillors and even the Bishop of Mallorca, accused of vaccine queue jumping.


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Rich / Hace 9 months

Armengol will treat them like and make them come home early, and stop them playing with their friends. Sounds eerily familiar.


James Davis / Hace 9 months

they can have my dose. I dont want that garbage.


Boris / Hace 9 months

Sheeet, she so full of it. Sounds like an illegal child of Putin. So much bull...could be a hybrid of Trump's and Putin's semen. When is the next real election so we can pick a new party and new prezi. Tired of picking between 2 bags of manour. Torries / labor , republican/demo, vox & some other shait. Can we please have the people vote to pick someone to serve the people ? Not the opposite.


Adam / Hace 9 months

None of these people are going to get in trouble , Come on this is a Joke , let's go to the Hat Bar and have a couple of Gin Tonics that place is always open and the police never go there any more because sometimes Armengol goes there to have a drink and if the police come they will lose there jobs . Prost !!!


James / Hace 9 months

And what about those who are caught drinking after curfew and try and bribe the police to not to make it public ?