The beautiful mansion.

The beautiful mansion.


An African Prince is interested in buying one of Spain´s most expensive properties, an recently-built-mansion in Alcudia, according to reports this morning, according to IB3 TV.

Randy Koussou, Prince of Benin, has shown an interest in the property which has spectacular views over the Bay of Alcudia. Initially, Roman Abramóvich owner of Chelsea Football Club, was also looking to purchase the mansion when it was first built is 2017 for 57 million euros.

In the end the sale failed to take place and now it could be sold to Koussou at a reduced price. He would then offer the house to the ruling family of one of the Gulf states.


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JR / Hace 10 months

Benin is one of the most corrupt nations in Africa. Conclusions? - it is not his money. He has stolen it from his nation. Anyone receiving this money is guilty of money laundering. Obscene.


Benjamin / Hace 10 months

It's very disturbing that newspapers publish this during a time of hardship. Some moral sensitivity is what we all need and if news papers are just interested in showing whatever then yes maybe freedom of speak needs adjusting.


Barry / Hace 10 months

Nice to see that some of the hundreds of millions that the West ( mostly white nations) give to Benin, average salary $ 2 per day, is being put to good use.


John Jones / Hace 10 months

Just be aware that after brief checks in Benin it seems that no one, not even government officials, in Benin have heard of this "Prince" - This would not be the first time a fake "Prince of Africa" took everyone in with stories of wealth and fortune that are no more than desert mirages


Majorca fan / Hace 10 months

Bennin gdp per person £900 year?

I wonder if he will have to comply with the 90 day residence rule.