Playa de Palma: key area for tourism.

Playa de Palma.


Hoteliers on the Playa de Palma are so frustrated at the delays in the vaccination programme, they have offered to buy the vaccine themselves so it can be offered to staff.

Despite the Balearic government promising to vaccinate the population by the the start of the summer, there are long delays and most believe that the government will miss their target.

So hoteliers have appealed to the Ministry of Health to allow them to go out on the open market and make their own purchases. Their counterparts in Mexico have taken similar action.

Local hoteliers are desperate to get the tourist industry into full swing.


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Sara O. / Hace 12 months

Absolutely not! All we need now is for vaccines to be diverted from those who are supposed to receive them according to the level of personal risk to those willing to pay (more) for them and them going to the highest bidder! All Covid vaccines must be supplied free of charge to all through the national health service in the established order. If there were a surplus of vaccines it would be a different matter but that is hardly the case! And as Nigel says it wouldn’t open borders anyway.


Nigel Stack / Hace 12 months

And how exactly will that open the borders?