Summer holidays are coming...

Summer holidays are coming.


According to a Friday report in The Times, various UK government ministries are working on creating a vaccination passport. This passport could permit foreign tourism by May, by when the vaccination programme in the UK is expected to allow restrictions to be lifted.

Greece, it is understood, is one country that will admit UK tourists with a vaccination passport from May. The president of the country's hoteliers confederation, Grigoris Tasios, says that Greece will be prepared to receive tourists who don't pose a risk of transmission or infection. Greece's prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has been behind the establishment of a common vaccination passport system, and some weeks ago wrote to the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, in proposing this.

Greece and Israel are currently negotiating a bilateral agreement for a vaccination certification that would allow travel without any measures, i.e. tests or quarantine. Other countries are moving ahead in developing vaccination passports. Denmark hopes to have its ready or use within three to four months, while Sweden is confident that it will have one in place by the summer.

As for Spain, the foreign affairs minister, Nadia Calviño, is urging the implementation of a common European vaccination passport. During an online conference, 'Europe 2021, organised by German newspaper Handelsblatt, Calviño, stated that this passport would contribute to the recovery of European and national tourism and boost "strong growth" in the second half of the year.

Although she felt it was "very difficult" to make predictions, the minister, who is also third deputy prime minister, emphasised her hopes for the summer tourism season. To enable this, a harmonised vaccination passport, to be introduced "as soon as possible", will restore safe mobility and confidence among travellers.

The vaccination programme, Calviño added, is key to recovery and to bringing tourism back to regions of Spain that are most dependent on it, the Balearics being one of these regions. If the programme proceeds satisfactorily, the Spanish economy will register strong second-half growth: "The faster the progress of the vaccination, the quicker the change in trend will occur."

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen has said that it would be a good idea to have a mutually recognised certificate or passport at the European level. This would "make life easier" for people who have been vaccinated.


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Adam / Hace 9 months

I’m with Andy on this one.


Juan love / Hace 9 months

Well Andy, I tend to think the most humane thing would be to save as many lives as possible.

So Let's put this to a vote of likes to dislikes, those who don't have a problem with their parents dying as opposed to not having Lockdown restrictions - yes or no?


bentlyal / Hace 9 months

covid passport for a vaccine that is FACTUALLY unproven for its efficacy and you could still pass the virus on and catch it... something sinister is definitely in the air..!! Nuremburg Code must be now used in full force against fascism!! forced vaccines and medical practices are the days of Nazis ...


Alayne / Hace 9 months

The young are less likely to die as is evidenced by the people who have died. You can't disregard the contribution of older people in society and write them off. They are being vaccinated first as they are more at risk. Pfizer's vaccine has been approved for people 16 and over but they will be in the last group of people to be vaccinated unless they have a high risk health condition.


James w / Hace 9 months

I for one do not want the vaccine at 41. As I think the vaccine carries more un answered questions than the virus. But all this vaccine passport nonsense does play into the hands of the conspiracy theorists. The insanity to think its OK to go about your day once you've had your shots is your ticket to freedom. Really??? We will still have the masks and the social distancing I'm sure of it. The fact that you can still carry and catch the virus in its self is crazy. What's the point of a vaccine passport??? Please am I missing something?


David Stanton / Hace 9 months

Andy, I am sure your Grand Parents are very supportive of your views.


chris atkin / Hace 9 months

If the EU decides to go for one size fits all for member states it'll be 2031 by the time they stop arguing and get it done.


'Old' person / Hace 9 months

"Just to save old people who wouldn't have lived much longer anyway" Oh, thanks for that. I don't regard myself as old, but at 67, no doubt you do. Older people are more at risk and have paid their taxes longer than you; that's why we'll get our jab earlier. We were also fortunate to get jabs at a very early age protecting us from polio, diphtheria etc. That's why most of us are not Covid deniers or anti vaxxers because we know they work. I do genuinely feel sorry for younger people (except those who disparage older people) and all the deprivations you are going through. You can't go to Uni or music festivals, yeah it's a drag, but these are super-spreaders and would put your life and other lives at risk. Be patient: you will get your vax soon and then you can party like there's no tomorrow. Because I will be! Oh, and by the way, I didn't vote for Brexit and despair for those who did.


Andy / Hace 9 months

So once again the young are disadvantaged. They have had schools and universities closed, bars shut, music festivals cancelled etc. etc. Just to save old people who wouldn't have lived much longer anyway. Now by definition because of the nature of the vaccine rollout young people wont have the same ability to travel as old people. I wont even mention that old people voted Brexit, thus stopping young people from living and working in Europe 🙈