Radar on Calle Aragon 366

Radar on Calle Aragon 366.

05-02-2021Ajuntament de Palma

Palma town hall has installed three more speed radars to monitor compliance with the 30 kilometres per hour limit in much of the city. They are by Calle Pascual Ribot 34 and by Calle Aragon 366 and on the corner of Pompeu Fabra and Joan Bonet.

Calle Pascual Ribot 34

The sustainable mobility department says that these additional controls will enhance the ‘Palma, Ciudad 30’ plan, which came into force last October.

Radar on the corner of Pompeu Fabra and Joan Bonet

There were already six radars: Avenida Gabriel Roca opposite Calle Antoni Maura; by Calle Manacor 101; Miquel Lladó with Bernat Poma; before Cami Son Rapinya 6 and opposite number 3; and Carretera Militar 132.


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James / Hace 9 months

This has nothing to do with sustainability or safety or whatever the government claims it to be. With businesses shut down and no tourists, the government has no tax revenue. Apparently their solution is to make impossibly low speed limits so they can extort an already financially struggling population through fines. Absolutely shameful.