President of North Mallorca branch of Calvia Lions. | Archive

North Mallorca branch of Lions has been busy helping the community during these difficult times. We are very grateful to those who have continued to support us.
For the past year we have been financially supporting the vegetable garden for the food bank in Pollensa and are pleased that their winter vegetables are growing well and they have now planted potatoes and more crops for spring. We ran yoga classes to help the community vegetable garden in Puerto Pollensa.
At Christmas we donated 400 Christmas presents to the local food banks so that adults had a gift to open. Thanks to one of our generous donors we gave a very large food donation to Cors Obert.

January was very cold and many people didn’t have enough money to heat their homes. We donated 100 hot water bottles and worked with local fundraisers to help pay for refills for butane. We provided a gas heater for a family of five, including a young baby, and a computer for a victim of domestic violence, who needed one to be able to take advantage of an online course which will help her gain employment to support her family.
We like to help in any way we can and are grateful to Social Services, Caritas and Cors Obert for helping us identify local needs.
(Susan Mackay, President of North Mallorca branch of Calvia Lions.)