Alcudia's wall

Alcudia's wall.


In September 2018, part of Alcudia’s mediaeval wall collapsed. Heavy rain was blamed for a section near to Carrer Serra having come down. The work to restore this section is now starting - almost two and a half years later.

It was explained at the time that the collapse was the result of “non-permeable” material having been used during a previous restoration. This, combined with the heavy rain, dislodged the stone work. Fortunately, no one was injured. Most of the wall fell into the moat, but some - to the rear - went onto the path.

The Council of Majorca had to do some emergency “partial and preventive demolition” in order to stabilise the wall, i.e. make sure that no more came down. This didn’t amount to a great deal and only took a week to carry out. The restoration now being undertaken is expected to last six months.

In the meantime, one trusts that no other part of the wall is likely to collapse, as one presumes that the non-permeable material was used elsewhere. This material was Portland cement, and the work had been carried out in the late 1980s. There was in fact a fall in 2011. On that occasion the part of the wall landed in the playground at the Porta del Moll primary school. Mayor Barbara Rebassa was the headmistress at the time, so she knows all about walls being dislodged. She was also the councillor for heritage in September 2018 and still has responsibility for heritage.


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Yogi / Hace 9 months

There’s more repair needed elsewhere around the walls. A car crashed through part of the moat wall last year and has yet to be repaired plus one of the new wall top walkways has been closed off (with a grubby metal grill) presumably for safety reasons. The council boarding below it proudly exclaims the extension using tourist tax revenue and it’s cost. Hopefully they will repair everything with more competency this time.