SOS Turismo Initiative, Palma. | Ultima Hora


The Tourism Sector in Mallorca has launched a new initiative, SOS Turismo and is calling on the Government to take urgent action to reactivate the Tourism Sector.

The project promoters stressed that SOS Turismo is not a political platform.

It's a transversal movement that seeks real and immediate solutions to the total paralysis of the Tourism Industry, a fundamental basis for job creation and wealth in Mallorca,” they said. “The actions of SOS Turismo will always start from the deepest collaboration, with respect, health and security guarantees in times of pandemic."

One of the objectives of this initiative is to bring together multiple groups and citizens who want to express their dissatisfaction with how events are evolving.

The promoters want to spread a key message:

"The well-being and prosperity of all of us who live on the Island depends on Tourism being reactivated as soon as possible."


SOS Turismo will be launched this Friday, posters will appear on the facades of buildings, a manifesto will be read out and representatives from several different Sectors will voice the demands of the Tourism Sector to remind the Government that it needs to act now to save the economy and jobs and guarantee Mallorca’s future as a tourist destination.

The Government’s recent decision to slowdown the coronavirus vaccination plan has caused growing unrest in the business and labour world.

SOS Turismo website, Palma.

The promoters will also launch the SOS Turismo initiative on social networks and have created a website with information and graphics that can be used by companies.

Large banners will be put up in the headquarters of collaborating tourism companies and other places to highlight the fact that the Tourism Sector is asking for help to get out of the crisis generated by the pandemic.

The Balearic Tourism Sector carried out a similar campaign against the Tourist Tax, or Ecotax in 2003 which led to the defeat of the first Pact in Regional Elections.

The situations are not comparable, but the goal is the same: to challenge political decisions that affect the normal development of the economy.This Friday it will be clear just how many businesses are supporting the SOS Turismo initiative.