At the Son Reus incinerator on Tuesday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


At the Son Reus incinerator on Tuesday, some three tonnes of drugs seized last year were destroyed. Cannabis accounted for roughly half of this. There were 250 kilos of cocaine and significant quantities of amphetamines and derivatives, heroin, ketamine and others.

One of the largest seizures was 145 kilos of cocaine. In June, the Guardia Civil located the drugs on a floating structure in the sea between Ibiza and Formentera; it consisted of several fuel drums and a net that held the drugs in place.

In October, the Guardia Civil found 14 kilos of cocaine that had been hidden in a car which had arrived at the port in Alcudia. Of other operations, the National Police seized cocaine and amphetamines in a raid on a clandestine laboratory in June. Operation Mirror in May resulted in the seizure of 4.6 kilos of cocaine. In April the National Police closed down the largest drugs warehouse in Palma, a "bunker" of some 200 square metres.