Mallorca bars and restaurants closed

At least two more weeks of closure.


As had been anticipated, the Balearic government has extended the order closing bars and restaurants. The extension lasts until at least February 28.

The director general for economic promotion, Manel Porras, informed union and business representatives of the decision at a meeting on Wednesday morning. He recognised the impact that this will have but stressed that occupancy of intensive care units is still too high to allow a relaxation of restrictions. These need to be maintained for public health reasons and to safeguard the upcoming tourism season.

Porras said that current data point to a substantial improvement in the health situation and suggested that if hospital numbers also decrease in a satisfactory way, it will be possible to consider a relaxation of restrictions in a fortnight's time. He noted that other regions have the same restrictions as the Balearics

The representatives of the restaurants associations within the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations and the Pimem federation of small to medium-sized businesses argued that as there has been an improvement, they should be allowed to reopen. Meantime, there is to be a relaxation of restrictions that apply to the retail sector, details of which will become clearer after Friday's cabinet meeting.


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Gabriel / Hace 12 months

The bad part is not that the bars and restaurants are/stay closed. You can still buy drinks and food and consume them at home. Look at the numbers, it clearly helped. The problem is they don't give the promised help. Where is the erte? Where is the help promised to businesses? I have friends on erte since September. Not one cent. I have friend bar owner. Reached the bottom of his savings. Not one cent of help. I think people would be more relaxed and accept these restrictions easier if they would get the promised help. Imagine waiters, bartenders, chefs with 70% of their salaries, bar/restaurant owners with their rents/expenses covered, with bills reduced as the capacity of their place got reduced...much easier...I think people are mad about the wrong reasons...


Stan / Hace 12 months

Totally the right decision. It is still out of control in Mallorca, forget about the self interested idiots below, we need lockdown until May to sort this out.


Rik Daheri / Hace 12 months

I’m concerned this government buckles under pressure from powerful tourism lobby and choose economy over public health. Blabbering about safe corridors and vaccination passports to promote tourism. But the tax paying residents (not in tourism) they cannot provide for or vaccinate until after the summer. Shameful.


lr / Hace 12 months

this decision does not make any sense, other than showing political power.


John Parkinson / Hace 12 months

Todos los politicos son iguanes en cual quiet pais olvidate de los pores los trabajadores. Forgive my Spanish hope it says All politicians are the same whatever country.forget the poor people the workers


Pedro / Hace 12 months

Sí tienen ayudas, además del Take Away y el Delivery..

Hay una que les da 1500€ / mes.


Fred / Hace 12 months

Catalina. Perdon no hablar Espanol. Perhaps a kind person could translate for me. Thanks.


James w / Hace 12 months

I think this government has proved to us all that they care more about Covid and saving a few lives, and leave 10,000 of lives in disarray and with no remorse take there livelihoods and put them into poverty with very little help. And this supposed to be a socialist government for the people. Its disgusting on so many levels and I would class it as communism. This government have failed everybody and I for one cannot wait to see the back of them.


Rich / Hace 12 months

Current infection rate 3.9%. R rate 0.51. ICU used 58%. What exactly are the numbers when our government is prepared to open up the economy to stop irreparable damage being done even more. Come on Armengol let us know what the target is.


bentlyal / Hace 12 months

perpetual lockdowns is killing people besides the economy.. mental health and being able to provide for their families and businesses decades old & new will not survive and politicians do not get affected as they and ALL CIVIL SERVANTS are on FULL PAY. (tax payers money salaries). the peasants are left behind. Covid 99%+ survival rate.. you know there is something more sinister ... "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" Albert Einstein