A Mallorca break may be possible.

Summer break on the island.

17-09-2017Teresa Ayuga

Your holiday to Mallorca, may not be on hold afterall. The British government said this morning that they are doing everything they can to ensure that Britons can enjoy a holiday this summer.

Following the introduction of tougher border restrictions for UK nationals returning from abroad and the continuing lockdown restrictions, the government had faced questions about whether summer holidays might be possible.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that they were working around the clock to ensure that Britons could enjoy a break and he said that he had booked his summer holiday to Cornwall.

But Transport Secretary Grant Shapps this week urged Britons not to book holidays, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said it is "too early for people to be certain about what we will be able to do this summer". Shapps´ call was branded as "puerile and nonsensical" by a senior travel industry professional.

"We're talking about the end of May or June, which is a long way off," Sue Ockwell of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) told the BBC.

Ockwell said booking breaks gave hope to holidaymakers and the industry.


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Lisa / Hace 11 months

Well it appears that the PM may have been listening to the head of the 1922 Committee on the BBC yesterday.

Now, perhaps the Balearics government will get its house in order - and start lobbying for vaccines.

Tourists and that’s from anywhere, won’t start booking Mallorcan breaks unless the local population is vaccinated. Only then will Mallorca, Ibiza and Minorca be considered safe destinations. It’s simple.

It is no use just getting the Covid rates down. We can’t afford a repeat of last year. Vaccination is the only solution currently on offer.


Stan / Hace 11 months

I now understand the Virus infections are part of an ENDEMIC form . Which means they will always be with the World throughout. Therefore I apologise for saying "Clean up the Island" It is not possible. Every method and means of protection can reduce the Virus infections. So maximum applications to stop infection ,should be applied to residents ,and to Tourists as they CAN come on Holiday.