A Ryanair Boeing 737 - 8AS approaches for landing

A Ryanair Boeing 737 - 8AS approaches for landing at the Riga International Airport in Riga, Latvia.

11-02-2021TOMS KALNINS

Ryanair Chief Executive Michael O'Leary said he was optimistic that people in Britain would be able to travel internationally from May, but warned if that weren't the case it would be a difficult summer for the aviation industry.

"I still remain optimistic that people will be allowed to travel from May onwards," he told the BBC, citing Britain's advanced vaccination programme and government's decision to go ahead with local elections as a sign the lockdown restrictions will begin easing soon.

"Many companies will not see their way through next winter if we go through a second summer of no bookings."


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James w / Hace 12 months

She thinks that's going to help she's the biggest of problems. Its a shame she can't shuffle herself out and resign, do us all a favour.


Yogi / Hace 12 months

@majorca fan, don’t forget Ryanair is Irish, not British and therefore European and has many pan European routes. Not just out and back tourist routes from the UK. They may be the most complained about but they are the most flown (because they are the cheapest) and kept going longer when EasyJet and others gave up. As unpopular as they may be, they’ve stood up and been counted in this mess. You pays your money and takes your choice.


Majorca fan / Hace 12 months

Paddy air Britain’s most complained about airline around cancellations refunds. I wonder how the Brits will save this airline when they have just cancelled significant U.K. flights after caa comments on Ryanair using 3rd party wet flights. Easyjet Jet2 better budget carriers in my experience and if you want a bag and a seat no more expensive and have better flight times.