AstraZeneca Vaccine.

AstraZeneca Vaccine.


The Balearic Islands asked that Teaching staff be given the vaccine before the Police, but the State Commission of Public Health has ignored that request, so Police Forces, Armed Forces, Firefighters, Emergencies and the Guardia Civil will be the first to be immunised in group 6.

After that Special Needs & Infant Teachers, Primary and Secondary Teachers will be given the jab.

The first phase of the coronavirus vaccination campaign is now over, at least in terms of first doses and residents and workers at Nursing Homes and frontline Healthcare Professionals have all been immunised.

The Health Department is now busy scheduling the next phase and organising the AstraZeneca jabs which will only be administered to those between 18 and 55 in Spain.

All three authorised vaccines have shown adequate levels of efficacy and safety, but they have different characteristics in terms of their logistics, efficacy, and population profiles in tests, so vaccination will be done by population groups.

Group 3 includes the rest of the Healthcare Professionals and Management Staff who have not been vaccinated in group 2, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacy Staff, Forensic Medicine, Home Help Services, Juvenile and Day Care Centre Staff and Prison Workers. They will be given the AstraZeneca vaccine as will non-institutionalised dependents.

Those over 80 in group 5 will be given the Pfizer vaccine and Health Minister, Patricia Gómez is insisting that one caregiver for each dependent be vaccinated, whether they’re a professional or not.

Vaccines that require an appointment will be administered at Son Dureta Hospital in Palma and if necessary, Germans Escalas Sports Centre will also be set up for vaccinations.

83,600 more vaccines will arrive the Balearic Islands by March 1.


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Yogi / Hace 8 months

It has been reported in the Spanish press that Spain has been warned by the big tour operators that its lack of coherent vaccine strategy and haphazard roll out has pushed them to the back of the choice list with Greece and Turkey getting prime promotion for 2021 holidays this summer. The message coming out from Spain from reports like this is that they are squabbling over meagre amounts, not going to vaccinate an important age demographic and generally don’t know what they’re doing. The take away? No confidence in Spain for booking holidays.