The offending wall will be replaced. | Lluc Garcia

The Council of Mallorca's heritage department believes that the placement of a prefabricated stone wall using concrete on the Soller road was "an oversight" on behalf of the highways department.

The director for heritage, Kika Coll, says that there should have been communication with her department about this, which does have responsibilities for landscape issues in the Tramuntana. "The usual system for a protected area was not used."

Coll adds that the two departments will now have a coordination procedure. The highways department will forward details of work that is being planned, and the heritage department will study the type of material to be used and its possible impact. "We will decide if it can or cannot be done in accordance with heritage legislation."

The heritage department was not aware of the work being done on the Soller road. Coll explains that the controversy the prefabricated wall generated could have been avoided "by a simple phone call or meeting". "We can all mistakes in decision-making, and in this case there was an oversight by the highways department. But I don't think that it will be making the same mistake again."

The stretch of wall in question will be removed and replaced by wooden barriers, which are also to replace metal barriers.