Palma graffiti.

Palma graffiti. archive photo.


The Association for the Defence of Heritage is fighting back against graffiti in Palma with a 'No Vandalism Graffiti' campaign.

ARCA will take photographs of graffiti daubed on walls and buildings in Palma neighbourhoods and pass them on to Police to help deter incivility in the city.

ARCA President, Pere Ollers and 'No Vandalism Graffiti' campaign spokesperson, Rosa Planas, met with Citizen Security Councillor, Joana Maria Adrover on Thursday to let her know that graffiti makes Palma residents feel defenceless.

They reached an agreement whereby ARCA will take photographs of graffiti in Palma and send them to the Local Police, along with the date, time and approximate measurements of the graffiti and those details will be incorporated into the Police database.

The main aim of ARCA's “No Vandalism Graffiti” campaign is to remove the graffiti and prosecute those responsible.


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Chris Ogilvie-Taylor / Hace 8 months

It's about time. The level of graffiti in the centre of Palma has become overwhelming. We have to get tough with the culprits. They must clean up and then face heavy fines. I would also like to see them exposed in the media and shamed. Graffiti all over a city sends the message that the authorities have lost control and is an eyesore to visitors.


Colin Allcars / Hace 8 months

The problem of the criminal visual pollution that is a result of graffiti, and the desecration of Balearic culture that accompanies it, MUST be made a priority for law enforcement at all levels.

Local councils must remove it the moment that it appears to prevent further attacks and to deter copycat behaviour.

Areas that suffer heavily from graffiti have a strong negative impact on the quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Ban the sale of spray paints to anyone under 25 years of age and make it a criminal offence to buy spray paints for anyone under that age.


Adam / Hace 8 months

Finally some Good News regarding ending this totally stupid destruction of many times what is public Property or Private with absolutely no Consequences whatsoever and total disregard by the police who are left in a position of not being able to do anything .Have to say not confident that any of this will change will see but maybe it's a start .


James Davis / Hace 8 months

FINALLY! ......some good news!