Puerto Pollensa protests. | Junts Avançam

There were either 50 or 200 cars. The Guardia Civil reckoned fifty, the organisers 200. The number doesn’t really matter. The protest was made and it was against the threat of the beach playgrounds and picnic area in Puerto Pollensa being removed.
The Costas Authority hasn’t yet come to a decision about the playgrounds, but the pressure is clearly mounting as also is the politicking.

The opposition Junts Avançam has reproduced a copy of the report the party sent to the Costas and has made clear that this was before the town hall administration made similar observations. One-nil to Junts, who have wondered why the UMP (Unió Mollera Pollencina) hadn’t also offered its thoughts for the Costas to mull over. The UMP, part of the administration, is a party which was formed to defend the interests of Puerto Pollensa, as Junts have stressed.

This resulted in an exchange of views on Facebook, the UMP saying that the administration has had several discussions with the Costas about the playgrounds and asking Junts why none of their councillors turned up to the protest. Junts responded by wondering why no one from the UMP attended the reading of the manifesto for the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the start of the Revolt of the Brotherhoods.