Ban on British travellers.

Ban on British travellers.


The Spanish government extended the ban on British travellers this morning meaning that only Britons who can prove that they are resident in Spain can travel here at the moment.

The move is part of drive to contain the coronavirus and then spread of the so-called "British strain..."

The ban was first introduced in January. The green residence certificate or the new TIE cards are proof of residency in Spain.


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Mark Badoer / Hace 8 months

Martin, we don´t even want you here. Stay away with your weird version of Covid-19.


Martin / Hace 8 months

Our death figures include natural deaths from stroke heart failure and other natural causes for the time of year unlike European country’s if we used only Covid-19 deaths we’d be one of the lowest by size of country and population and as your well behind in vaccines expect a lot more ,


John Dougal / Hace 8 months

@martin...All our good work ? Maybe your not aware but the UK has the highest death toll in the world (by far) per head of population. Hardly something I'd call 'good work'.


Martin / Hace 8 months

Why would we want to risk all our good work by travelling to Spain where its rife