The protest caravan of cars headed for the regional government's headquarters.

Some one hundred cars were used for a motorised protest in Palma on Saturday which demanded the resignations of Prime Minister Sánchez and President Armengol.

Organised by Foro Baleares, the protest caravan of vehicles, which had been given permission by the national government delegation, set off from the Avenida Gabriel Alomar at midday. Its final destination was the regional government's Consolat de Mar headquarters.

Bedecked with Spanish flags and with Spain's anthem being played loudly, the cars carried banners calling for the resignations and for the reopening of bars and restaurants. The president of Foro Baleares, Jesús Revuelta, said that the resignations of Sánchez and Armengol were required because of "disastrous management of the economic crisis and the pandemic; the management of the Spanish government has been pathetic, and one might even say criminal".

"We are worried about the management of the economy when it comes to hospitality. No one is perfect but there is a lack of common sense from those who should display common sense. Measures must be taken against Covid, but terraces have to be opened. Although one might be infected, this is also possible in cinemas, for example."

The former leader of La Resistencia, Victor Sánchez, took part, as did Aina Aguiló, the president of the Sumam party into which La Resistencia is being integrated.