Holidays in May..... | RICHARD WAINWRIGHT

May 1 could become the D-Day for Mallorca and the British travel industry, according to reports this morning.

According to a report in The Guardian The Save our Summer (SOS) group is calling on the government to ensure holidays at home and abroad are possible from 1 May and guarantees that anyone booking through its members will be entitled to either a refund or a change of date for their holiday if travel is cancelled or not possible due to the government’s Covid-19 restrictions.

This is music to the ears of the Mallorcan tourist industry and the Spanish government who want to get the industry moving as soon as possible with the vaccine passport being a key tool.

The President of the Mallorcan Hoteliers Federation told the Bulletin: we must be ready for when Britons can start travelling to the island.

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Local hoteliers have even offered to buy the vaccine for their staff so that they can open sooner rather than later.