Fly-tipper fined. | Ultima Hora

A man has been sanctioned 700 euros for dumping furniture and rubbish on the service road between Arenal and the Llucmajor motorway.

We want a Municipality that respects and complies with the regulations,” said Llucmajor Mayor, Éric Jareño. "In this case we have imposed a penalty of 700 euros which we hope will send a warning message to others that this type of situation must not be repeated. There are green points in the Municipality where people can leave things they no longer want or need and the City Council condemns these acts of incivility which happen all too often in Llucmajor.”

The penalty for fly-tipping is 300-1,000 euros, depending on the type of materials that are dumped and Officers from the Puma Department are constantly on duty.