The Gesa building in the background. | Jaume Morey

At Palma town hall's next plenary session, amendment to the city's general urban plan, as it applies to the seafront in the area of the Gesa building, will be approved. Councillor for the model of the city, Neus Truyol, says that this will mean that there will not be any residential building and that a large park, called for by residents for the past ten years, will be established.

Public buildings, which had been contemplated, will not now go ahead. Truyol adds that there are other parts of the city which need these, such as Pere Garau. "If spending for these has to be made, it will be in other areas, as the priority is to ensure that there is a park."

As well as protecting space for public use, the amendment to the plan will facilitate a change to the economic model that is based on innovation and cultural industries in the Nou Llevant district. "There will be a change in urban management that places the general interest first."

Truyol explains that the town hall had placed a moratorium on granting licences for development which might conflict with the planned characteristics of the area. In this regard, a project for a cement plant in Son Güells is "dead and no longer viable". It would not be compatible, while residents' opposition had been key to a licence finally being denied.