Vaccine in spain.

Vaccination across Spain.


Spain will administer AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine to people aged 45 to 55 in the next phase of its national inoculation plan, the Health Ministry said this morning.

The shot, which is approved for those aged 18 to 55, is now being given to people in that bracket with a high risk of contracting the virus, such as daycare workers and physiotherapists, as well as police, firefighters and teachers.

Most of Spain's initial priority group of nursing-home residents and staff have already received two shots of the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines, which are now being rolled out to over 80-year-olds and medics.

Those shots will then be given to those over 70 and over 60, the ministry said, while people under 60 with a high risk of serious COVID-19 infection will be next in line.
Overall the country has administered 2.6 million doses and 1.1 million people have received a full course.

To hit a national target of inoculating 70% of Spain's 47 million people by the end of summer, some regions may convert big venues into makeshift injection centres and are considering hiring retired doctors, students or pharmacists to help out.


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Nigel / Hace 8 months

Yes, there will always be risks in life, but if you don't have the jab you are 80% more likely to get the disease, with one jab 40% and 2 jabs 10%, so, are you a gambling person?


Shaz Conners / Hace 8 months

is there anything more known when you do not take the vaccine? I.e. will you be banned from flying? or going to a restaurant? Will you need to wear black and white striped clothes so people can avoid you at all cost? As I still do not understand why a perfectly healthy person should take this jab. As no matter what they say, there is always a risk involved. I am sure there are small letters and disclaimers that come with the vaccine.