Madrid restaurants open

Madrid restaurants open.

17-02-2021Marcial Guillén

The Balearic government will come under even greater pressure to re-open bars as from today in Madrid bars and restaurants will be allowed to stay open until 11p.m.

There are some restrictions but not many, four people to a table inside and six outside on the terrace. The curfew has also been put back until 11p.m. Last orders at 10p.m.

Interestingly enough the number of cases in Madrid is higher than the Balearics. Other provinces in Spain have been busy easing restrictions but not the Balearics.


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Julian / Hace 8 months

Balearics obviously suffering from island mentality (like Australia and New Zealand) that they can pull up the drawbridge and keep COVID out.

Also due to their seasonal tourist business they won't be losing much money till 1st May. After that date if the bars are still closed then clearly bankruptcy looms for the island so I assume they will be able to open later by around that date.............


Johnf / Hace 8 months

Not a good idea with the virus as it is at the moment


John Parkinson / Hace 8 months

Hold your nerve.Keep restrictions on for a short while longer to give hope for your summer season. There will be a spike in cases in Madrid.Look at the U.K. Relaxed for Christmas the big surge in cases. Would not be happy about travellers from Madrid coming in say 4 weeks!