Multi-coloured hotel.

Multi-coloured hotel.


The owners of a colourful Son Armadams Hotels have been told to check-out on their multi-coloured exterior by the Palma city council.

Not only have council officials told them they will be fined they could also be forced to paint over the exterior on the grounds that it is an eye-sore.

The hotel in central Palma attracted a wave of publicity because of its multi-coloured exterior.


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Michael / Hace 11 months

So, this building has been there getting repaired, and painted and no one came by and stated that this paint job isn't acceptable.

This is ludicrous, this is Art, who is on the council, they don't have nothing else to do?what's going to be next, dress codes in palma, every day you wear a certain color?


Dano / Hace 11 months

I think it's a piece of art!! It will attract tourists. So, they think it's an eyesore....should the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona be torned down? Many think it's an eyesore, too. If this is an eyesore, why aren't you (the gov't) ensuring all the ugly (and illegal) grafitti splattered all over the city is painted out, too?


Rich / Hace 11 months

I get a sniff of corruption here. Tha balearic government are doing their best to destroy any fun left, we should check their personal finances to see who has recently invested in goat farming.


Fred / Hace 11 months

Go to somewhere like Oaxaca in Mexico and its full of the likes of this hotel, bright colours everywhere and all the locals are happy and smiling, mariachi bands on the street. It makes sense to close this down as Palma has become a boring can't do place where fun is not allowec.


Jonas / Hace 11 months

Yet night after night huge tags are painted on the motorway, Paguera tunnel is the new favourite .they must take hours to do, yet we’re supposedly in lockdown at night time. It can’t be difficult to catch them or should we get used to the new ghetto look?


Paul / Hace 11 months

No fun Mallorca. It's becoming like Luxembourg. Ive lived here 5 years and it gets worse each year. It is also a police state. There are police everywhere, fining prople for nothing. Speed cameras everywhere. 80kph on the Via Centura. Seriously I am heading back, the lifeblood is being sucked out of this place. I live here, but I certainly wouldn't holiday here.


Bentlyal / Hace 11 months

Mallorca going backwards but funny how they allow chinese massage parlours exist close by with hideous neon lights and women hanging outside trying to slightly whistle customers in with the odd whisper !! We all know these are not the innocent massage parlours... mallorca is slowing eating itself up shame


Ricky / Hace 11 months

More fun spoiled. It was great. As I have said before (never published) every avenue of pleasure is being closed off. Beach bars etc. Walking spots in the mountains, no. Even Deia, no. Everything being slipped under the wire during Covid. And that´s ruined everything too. My local bar owner was in tears this morning. Jasón, you really think we will have a season this year? We will not. And not just because of Covid. Because the áuthorities´ are clamping down on literally everything we liked about this place. It´s over. Even for 2022. Despite your polls.