Germany eases restrictions.

Germany eases restrictions.

02-02-2021Javier Etxezarreta

The Germany government has taken Spain off its Covid red list which should make it easier for tourists to travel to Mallorca. The announcement is good news for the hard hit tourist industry and gives further hope that the island will be able to enjoy a summer season.

All German tourists must quarantine for five days and then have a PCR test when they return from holiday.

The German market is key for Mallorca with an estimated three million German holidaymakers coming here every year.

The Balearic government is pushing to be one of the pioneers of the so-called vaccine passport.


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Grant Niddrie / Hace 10 months

The Local Mallorcan Governement , always loves to look far and wide for their money and the Wonderful tourists we need so desperatlely to “ save us all “ They are so blind to take care of the local community first , We who live here can generate a heck of alot of spending , if we are able to do so !!!! Get our local people Vaccinated ( those who need to be and wish to be ,) and get local busniesses open , for us to enjoy , keep infection numbers down and dont let in any tourists who are not meeting correct criteria ( such as last summer’s disaster ) Who really wants people coming here who just decided its cheaper than Greece or Turkey ; Let them fight their travel agent for the cheapest hotel and all inclusive rubbish buffett , where hardly a cent falls onto this island but goes to offshore tax havens such as Ireland and Panama and more .


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 10 months

Don't understand this at all, Germany's Red List ? What about Spain's Red List, until we're all vaccinated here evert country is on it....


Peter / Hace 10 months

No tourists until we're all vaccinated, end of...


Phil / Hace 10 months

Says Lisa who bangs in about the vaccine 24/7. Who cares, we dont want loads of tourists in Mallorca. You might because you are a money grabbing so and so. The rest of us want the quiet life. So do one.


Lisa / Hace 10 months

Oh my word, this is feeling like The Durrells verses Mallorca Files!!! Which one will win???? Well, let’s throw in The Night Manager and I know where my vote lies :) But being serious chaps, one of the true benefits of Mallorca is that people really mix. Yep, I’ve got Mallorcan, German, Italian, South African, Moroccan ,French and British friends here. They are good people. Isn’t that what it’s about??? The pandemic isn’t discriminating - perhaps it’s time that people did the same.


Jeffrey / Hace 10 months

This is great news.

Germans have always had a type of addiction to Mallorca, and they've always been the dominant visitor nationality here. "siebzehnten bundesland". We have a holiday villa, and bookings have always been around 80% German. I doubt that will change this year or any other.

Danke, Deutschland! Willkommen zurück!


Dave / Hace 10 months

Mark Badbore once again spouting rubbish. I have lots of German friends and they are all heading to Greece. As per the article earlier they are taking over Crete. Badbore must hold some sort of record for the most -ve comments on the MDB in history!


Mark Badoer / Hace 10 months

Makes me laugh, all these Brits here bitching about Mallorca and how wonderful Greece is and dictator lead if they are not coming, Mallorca is doomed. Not really, it just means more people from other (EU) countries will come here. Millions of germans are raring to come to Mallorca.