Pablo Hasél protest in Palma. | Jaume Morey

21 people who took part in demonstrations in Palma and Minorca last week to protest against the jailing of rapper Pablo Hasél have been fined a total of 16,218 euros.

The demonstrations on February 16 were not authorised by the Government Delegation and 18 people who attended a rally in Plaça d’Espanya in Palma face sanctions of 13,816 euros.

Three of the participants are being fined 1,200 euros each, for gross disobedience, refusing to leave the event despite repeated warnings from the Police and ignoring several requests to provide identification.

Two protesters face fines of 901 euros for disobedience and disrespecting Officers.

Another person faces has been fined a total of 1,202 euros for disobedience, obstruction, refusing to leave the event and interfering when the Officers tried to identify another protestor.

Twelve protesters are facing fines of 601 euros each, for serious disobedience and ignoring calls to break up the protest.

The Government Delegation also says it did not authorise the protest in Plaza de la Miranda in Mahon on Tuesday, February 16.

One person has been fined 1,200 euros for serious disobedience, causing a stir and refusing to leave the event.

Two others were sanctioned 601 euros for disobedience and refusing to comply with Police orders.

Pablo Hasél is a Catalan rapper, writer, poet, and political activist.

He was sentenced to 9 months in prison for praising terrorism and insulting the Spanish Crown on social media websites and was detained last week after he refused to report to prison in Lleida.

His arrest has sparked violent riots in Catalonia and other Spanish cities.