President Francina Armengol of the Balearics

President Armengol in parliament on Tuesday.

23-02-2021Europa Press

In parliament on Tuesday, President Armengol stated that "when vaccines arrive in a massive way, we will vaccinate massively".

Responding to the leader of the opposition, Biel Company of the Partido Popular, Armengol referred to a European problem of a lack of sufficient doses of vaccine to serve entire populations rapidly. However, the Spanish government is forecasting that mass vaccination will be possible from the end of April or beginning of May because more pharmaceutical companies are joining the production effort.

The lack of vaccines, she stressed, "is not an issue for the Balearic Islands but an issue for the whole of Europe, as vaccines are not being produced quickly enough".

Company reminded the president that she had given an assurance that 70% of the Balearic population will have been vaccinated by June. "This will not happen." After a month and a half of vaccinating in the Balearics, only 20,000 people have received two doses.

"You (the government) are always late," said Company, who lamented the fact that the government had rejected the offer of the private health sector to speed up the mass vaccination process, which is the "only" solution for trying to save the tourism season. He asked Armengol "to listen to the cries of despair" from the tourism industry.


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