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Fabrika, Palma. recent photo.

24-02-2021Jaume Morey

The Balearic Government has amended the closing time for bar, café and restaurant terraces to 17:15 when they open on Tuesday, March 2.

The Government's previous proposal to set a closing time of 16:00 was soundly rejected by the Hospitality Sector who said it wouldn’t give them enough time to serve meals to customers.

PIMEM President Jordi Mora pointed out that since restaurants are not able to serve dinners, so they should at least be allowed to serve more meals during the day.

CAEB had also insisted that "lunches should be guaranteed.”

The catering sectors of CAEB and PIMEM are demanding that a plan be put in place for the reopening of the interior spaces of bars and restaurants and that it be confirmed well in advance so that the necessary preparations can be made.

CAEB and PIMEM will also ask that the use of gym changing rooms and showers be allowed with a capacity of 30% and that shopping malls and supermarkets be allowed to open on Saturdays, with a maximum capacity of 30% and a closing time of 20:00.

Judicial route

At least 30 restaurateurs and bar owners have filed an appeal against the closure of the Hospitality Sector in Mallorca claiming that both interiors and terraces could be reopened with the conditions set out last November.

The group has the support of PIMEM and the newly created Association Arema. Their lawyer Francisco Pérez has submitted a brief requesting very precautionary measures, which the TSJB will rule on in the coming days.

Citizen Participation Councillor, Alberto Jarabo has indicated that bars, restaurants and cafés will have to wait until March 2 to reopen their terraces in parking spaces.

"We ask for patience and as soon as this date is approved by the Government, the terraces can be installed with the limitations that are marked,” he said. “The conditions will be the same as set out in the decree, so expansion in pedestrian areas will continue to be prohibited."

"What worries us most is how this reopening will take place; establishments will be responsible for ensuring rigorous compliance with security measures,” warned Councillor Jarabo. "The Police will be carrying out inspections and not only will they be very attentive, they will take action."


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