Protest against bar and restaurant closure in Mallorca

A previous motorised protest.

25-02-2021Pere Bota

The national government delegation in the Balearics has not given its permission for a demonstration by Resistencia Balear in Palma this coming Monday (March 1).

The delegation cites health reasons for its decision, referring to a report from the regional public health department which considers that no demonstrations should be held while the Level 4 health alert remains in place. The department's recommendation is to postpone protests until the health alert improves. The delegation notes that Level 4 is, in principle, scheduled to last until midnight on March 1.

The plan was for a demonstration in Plaça Espanya to coincide with Balearics Day and to be held a day before bar and restaurant terraces are allowed to reopen. Despite the delegation's decision, a message on social media states: "See you on March 1."

Previous protests on foot were prohibited but went ahead anyway. They resulted in significant fines. The delegation did allow motorised protests.

Resistencia Balear is chiefly associated with the hospitality sector and its frustration with government restrictions on opening and a lack of aid.


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