Police in Mallorca

The street drinking "botellón" is a proven cause of coronavirus infections.

26-02-2021Miquel À. Cañellas

The restaurants association within the Confederation of Balearic Business Associations has called on members to "self-regulate" and comply with the government's latest measures out of solidarity with those who will be unable to reopen from this coming Tuesday.

The association is asking for bar and restaurant proprietors and customers to show responsibility in order to make a "final sprint" of good practice to enable the tourism season. It notes that only around 20% of members will be able to get restarted, given the absence of any tourism. Solidarity with the others must be shown in order to guarantee the "island's total recovery".

The government is meantime being urged to establish some rules regarding further reopening, with an anticipation that bar and restaurant interiors will reopen from April 4. The association is also calling for tougher controls of street drinking and house parties. It has been proved, says the association, that these are the source of the greatest level of infection.


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Jim Thomas / Hace 11 months

Hello..How can I see all the Daily Bulletin...online as currently is only the first page?

Many thanks



Mike (Belgium ) / Hace 11 months

Same situation in Belgium.ongoing since closure of bars and restaurants .The reason is because the chance of being caught is small, the fines,, when you get caught ,are much too low, the oh so important privacy laws can not be altered, the government is reactive instead of pro-active and police reaceive different instruction depending in what region they operate. Same groups of people over and over again that are the main reason why normal life will still be very far away That is the reward people get who followed the rules since lockdown