Hospitality sector protest in Mallorca

Previous protests on foot did not have permission.


Resistencia Balear, the protest movement that is mainly associated with the hospitality sector, has been given authorisation for a demonstration planned for Monday (March 1). The national government delegation in the Balearics has granted permission because the health alert status in Mallorca has been officially revised downwards to Level 3.

Spokesperson Victor Sánchez says that the gathering will be "completely legal" and asks all those who are planning on attending to keep safe distances and wear masks. The delegation makes clear that its permission is on the basis that Covid measures are adhered to.

The demonstration is due to start at 10.30 in Palma's Plaça Espanya. There will then be a march to the regional government's Consolat de Mar headquarters on Passeig Sagrera which will go via the town hall and the Balearic parliament. The call will be for the complete reopening of bars and restaurants.


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Gabriel / Hace 11 months

The bars and the restaurants are places where consumers must feel safe. We must know that when we go there, the place is spotless, disinfected and that the personnel keeps it that way. And they disinfect it and their hands only if they care. By this picture, where they are almost on top of each other, with and without masks, it doesn't seem that they care too much. Then how can we feel safe? How do we expect the numbers not to go up again?


James T / Hace 11 months

How many more weeks will this put reopening back?