Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma.

Son Sant Joan Airport, Palma.

28-02-2021J. Sevilla

Every 15 days the Ministry of Health reviews the epidemiological situation of Spanish Communities and foreign countries to decide whether or not to maintain the current restrictions.

On Friday the Ministry decided that visitors from 8 Spanish Communities won’t have to present a negative PCR test when they arrive in the Balearic Islands.

The Communities that are now exempt are Cantabria with an accumulated incidence rate of 150.75 cases per 100,000 inhabitants; Castilla-La Mancha with 119.59; the Valencian Community with 138.59; Extremadura with 69.40; Navarra with 138.66; Murcia with 115.27 and La Rioja with 103.54.

Tourists from Germany will also be allowed to enter the Balearics without a negative PCR test because the country’s incidence rate is 126 per 100,000 inhabitants.

The United Kingdom has an incidence rate of 233.9 per 100,000 inhabitants; France has 418 and the Netherlands has 324.

The restrictions in Mallorca are being relaxed slightly on Tuesday with the opening of bar and restaurant terraces until 17:00, but the new travel restrictions mean visitors from Communities with worse data will be allowed to enter the Balearic Islands without proof that they are free of coronavirus.

The Government has always insisted that controls at ports and airports are vital to prevent the spread of the virus and the Ministry of Health says the incidence rate to qualify for travel may be reduced from 150, but that decision will have to be made by the Central Government because if would affect all Autonomous Communities.

Government Spokesperson, Iago Neguruela has said the possibility of imposing more restrictions on travellers should be discussed in the Inter-territorial Health Commission and stressed the importance of maintaining controls at ports and airports.


The vaccination process has had a positive effect in Nursing Homes, where only two new positive cases have been recorded. 259 residents of Nursing Homes have died from Covid-19 since the pandemic began.

So far 68,1092 vaccines have been administered and 22,385 Balearic residents have had both injections.


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Grant Niddrie / Hace 11 months

I cannot believe the stupidity and blindness of the current government of Mallorca , who after all the hard work and penalisation to LOCAL BUSINESSES , And suddenly they allow National and International travellers to come in with NO PCR tests !!! Yes i know there are some criteria , but damn this criteria , until the numbers everywhere else are 0 , it should be a blanket rule ; Negative PCR test and you are Welcome to the Baleares ; if not no way Protect Locals , protect the Local Economy , Protect the Local Envirinment ; that is what these outsiders come to enjoy ; so Government better do a 100% job protecting US All HERE .


Jp / Hace 11 months

Crazy, after all the sacrifices. A PCR test should be the minimum requirement.


Rich / Hace 11 months

None of the countries/spanish regions have rates that, according to the EU, meet the numbers to show their incidence of covid infections is safe. So let them in and ruin our lives. If I was Armengol I would be upgrading my home security.


Virginie / Hace 11 months

So stupid and careless to not require negative PCR for traveling to the Balearic islands. It looks like the government has not learned its lesson. Can someone explain why a PCR in Mallorca is 115 euros while in Egypt or Turkey it is 25 or 30 euros.


John / Hace 11 months

Wow !! If this is true. What is the point of the restrictions and curfew now? We are going to get it anyway? Wel done! Just let anybody in and let's start lockdowns all over again! Insane.


Andy / Hace 11 months

Utter joke allowing this. Also it is wrong to look at the country average. Bavaria and Saxony have higher rates per 100,000 than the UK but they can just waltz into Mallorca untested. 🙈


James w / Hace 11 months

Stop panicking people. If the incident rate is that low then its no different than coming from the Canary Islands and not been tested as my family and I last week walked back into mallorca as normal, why should it be any different from anywhere else?? At some point a year on from this mess we have to start to function instead of hiding away. Oh and don't we have the silver bullet vaccine you all wanted?


Majorca fan / Hace 11 months

Probably 10million older Brits will have had 2nd vaccine by may myself included all reved up and ready to spend our cash in Majorca. Apparently we will have to wait for green passport from European Union I won’t hold my breath then. Demand is there for Majorca holidays in the U.K. the Majorca political class needs to find a way to get us there and help ordinary Majorca people make a living.


Stan / Hace 11 months

To allow Germans to enter this country without a negative test is FRIGHTENING. I can not believe such gross incompetence . The Authorities that are responsible for allowing the arrival of these people should be sacked. They are effectively allowing the strong possibility of the Virus and its Variants into the country. That would destroy the Island, and put everyone into another long Lockdown. No Tourists, No Work, No Money.


Murdo / Hace 11 months

So, just when there is a light at the end of the tunnel, when Germany is warning of another lockdown, when fast reliable testing is now available at low cost the esteemed leaders of this island wave the need for testing. New lockdown coming in the Baleares anyone.