Police break up illegal party on farm. | Ajuntament de Manacor


The Local Police and the National Police broke up a large illegal gathering at a farm on the road to Son Pobre, between Manacor and Sant Llorenç des Cardassar on Sunday after several neighbours reported the event.

30 adults and 10 children from 12 different families who had gathered at the farm with the intention of having a meal together were evicted from the property.

The participants and the organisers could face penalties of 3,001-60,000 euros for breaking the coronavirus restrictions.

Some of the people attending the event tried to flee across the fields when they saw Local and National Police arriving, but were quickly apprehended.

The Officers say the meal was ready to be served when they arrived at the farm and they have filed a report stating that the organisers and attendees had committed a serious violation of the Covid-19 restrictions.