At present, the PCR test requirement is waived if the incidence rate is below 150. | Gemma Andreu

President Armengol told the Balearic parliament on Tuesday that there will be a tightening of the regulation regarding travellers from Spain arriving in the Balearics and the need to have had a negative PCR test prior to travel. At present, if there is an incidence rate of 150 or lower per 100,000 inhabitants in a given region of the country, the requirement for the test is waived. Armengol said that this threshold will be lowered to 100; official confirmation of this will be made this week.

Responding to a question from Josep Melià of El Pi, Armengol also said that the Balearics could be one of the first regions of Spain to trial the vaccine passport.

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According to data of March 1, there were nine regions (other than the Balearics) with rates below 150. In descending order of incidence, they were Cantabria, Galicia, Navarre, Valencia, Castile-La Mancha, the Canaries, Murcia, La Rioja and Extremadura. The rate in Extremadura, the lowest in the country, is 56.01. The Balearics have the second lowest.

A change to the regulation will mean that travellers from Murcia and La Rioja as well as Extremadura will be the only ones, based on the current data, who will not need to have a test. The rates in Murcia and La Rioja (as of March 1) were 98.27 and 82.39. This will of course change. In the case of the Canaries and Castile-La Mancha, for example, the rates were just above 100 - 103.28 and 103.65 respectively.