Health Centres to vaccinate over 90's. | EFE


Most Balearic Health Centres will be open this weekend to give those aged 90-95 the coronavirus vaccine, according to Health Minister Patricia Gómez, who said that vaccination is being extended to that age group thanks to an increase in Pfizer doses.

"The vaccination campaign is progressing at a good pace, with 75,000 doses,” she said and confirmed that the Balearic Islands will receive 121,000 vaccines in March.

61,000 of those will be AstraZeneca and will only be given to those under 55, because its effectiveness has not been proven in older adults.

Minister Gómez said 1,500 Police Officers and Teachers were vaccinated at the former Son Dureta Hospital on Wednesday and dependents, their caregivers and those over 95 are also being vaccinated.

Adults over the age of 80 are expected to be innoculated in the next two weeks and preparations are underway to open Germans Escales as a mass vaccination centre in the coming days.

"The fact that the most vulnerable population is being vaccinated is clearly improving the indicators," said Minister Gómez.

The Balearic Islands have the second lowest cumulative incidence rate with 68 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days, and 28 cases in 7 days.

"The decline in cases has been considerable,” acknowledged Minister Gómez, who described the fall in cases in Ibiza as "significant."

The Ministry of Health confirmed 40 new coronavirus infections and 2 deaths in the Balearic Islands on Wednesday and there have been no positive coronavirus cases at Nursing Homes since Sunday.

"The resounding success of vaccination shows that it works and that’s a great joy because it shows that it can end the suffering of the elderly,” said Minister Gómez. "I hope we can maintain the 'covid zero' situation in Nursing Homes.