Germans Escales vaccination booths, Palma. | Ultima Hora

Vaccination will begin at the Germans Escalas Sports Centre in Palma on Monday and people will be contacted when it's their turn to be immunised.

Health Centres will be phoning the over 80’s and the first 2,600 of the 8,315 people aged 90-95 years in Mallorca will also be contacted.

"People who are part of risk groups will receive a call from the Covid Exchange," according to Health Minister Patricia Gómez.

Teachers and Police Officers are currently being immunised at the former Son Dureta Hospital where ten lines are in operation.

The vaccination process is slowly moving forward, but IB-Salut Director, Juli Fuster says mistakes are inevitable.

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“If you give me a list of teachers, then I have to believe that they are,” he explains. “I can’t justify mistakes, but I expect there will be some because perfection is impossible.