Civil Servants in Mallorca back to work on March 8. | M. À. Cañellas

There’s been a significant drop in Covid-19 infections in Mallorca and Civil Servants are going back to work.

Presidency Minister, Mercedes Garrido, has signed a resolution stating that heads of service, heads of department and personal secretaries should be back at their desks from Monday, March 8 and has left it to the Governing bodies to work out shift rotations, composition and telework control systems.

The resolution also stipulates that if officials are responsible for a dependent who’s been quarantined because of coronavirus they may continue to work from home.

The Secretaries General and heads of each unit will establish the necessary coronavirus prevention and security measures and the Commission for monitoring these agreements must meet if the accumulated incidence rate exceeds 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 7 days. Mallorca currently has an accumulated incidence rate of 38.

Minister Garrido says the return to work is justified because there has been a clear improvement in the epidemiological situation in the Balearic Islands "with a downward trend in all data relating to the incidence of the virus."

The Government introduced telecommuting measures on 17 September to contain the pandemic and they were ratified on 13 November and 25 January.


The fall in infections in the Balearic Islands supports the Government's decision to ask officials to gradually return to work.

There were only 37 new infections on Thursday and the accumulated incidence rate in Mallorca is currently 63.06 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days and ICU occupancy has dropped to 13.4 percent.

There were 2 more Covid-19 fatalities on Thursday making a total of 731 since the coronavirus pandemic began.